Essay discussion points:

1. How might 32P and 35S be used to demonstrate that the transforming principle is DNA?2. Describe an experiment that would show that DNA rather than protein is the transforming principle.3. Discussion and examine how DNA is utilized by the cell during the process of transcription and translation.4. Include a discussion about how the information […]

Life Processes Impacted by Controlling Our Genes

In the study of genetics, it is important to understand how a protein is made from the DNA sequence. Recent advancements have also highlighted how important it is to control how much of a protein is manufactured in the cell. Control over gene expression allows the cell to self-adjust to its needs. Studying control of […]

Assignment: Case Study

Vicki is a 42-year-old African American woman who was diagnosed with hypertension a month ago. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for the past 20 years. She is self-employed and runs a successful insurance agency. Her work requires frequent travel and Vicki often has to eat at fast food restaurants for most […]

Week 3 disscussion A&P

While doing a spinal tap, how do you ensure not doing damage to the patient’s spinal cord?

Unit 3 Discussion

Discuss the re-emergence of microbes with special reference to polio or tuberculosis (TB).

critically examine an exciting genetic breakthrough of your choice and the implication of this adva

Advances in the study of genetics can impact our whole world and it is important to be able to accurately communicate this information. Genetics plays a role in fields such a medicine, pharmacology, food science and animal husbandry. This Assignment will give you the opportunity to critically examine an exciting genetic breakthrough of your choice […]

Defining Genetics

Defining GeneticsWhile genetics as a field of study is relatively new compared to the study of biology or chemistry, it is still steeped in history and can offer hope for the future. During the course, you will look at the fundamental concepts in genetics. In this first Discussion, it will be important to look back […]

Epidemiology and Human Disease

Epidemiology and Human DiseaseSo far, you have learned about a very diverse assortment of microorganisms and the characteristics that make them identifiable. For this unit, you will put this knowledge to the test by acting as an epidemiologist! For this unit’s Discussion topic, you are going to try and stump your classmates. Choose one human […]

Fermented Food

The addition of fermented food to the diet is becoming increasingly popular as people seek out ways to make their diet healthier. Fermentation is a process undertaken by many different microbes to create energy. Humans are able to take advantage of this process to develop many food and beverage products by including different types of […]

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