Choose one of the following topics.1. With the help of the discussion of feminist criticism in Barry’s book, write a short essay (1000-1200 words) in which you select one aspect of feminist reading or writing and then apply it to a discussion of any relevant events, dialogues, or passages from Morrison’s Beloved.2. In the chapter […]

Frederick Douglas

six secondary sources. write a 4 – 6 page research paper using MLA format. present it in a clear, concise, typed paper of at least 1000 words. The finished paper should have a cover page, be double-spaced with 1 or 1.25-inch margins, and have works cited page.


Create annotation for the attached source. This should include:A complete APA citation of your scholarly articleA paragraph of summary of the key points presented in your sourceA paragraph explaining the source’s quality and how it is relevant to your analytical essay Here is an example of an annotated APA entry (not an actual source): Smith, […]

Analytical essay

Compose an analytical essay of at least 1,100 words in which you offer an interpretation of a literary element in the story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. your analysis focusing on one of the following elements:CharacterThemeSymbolismImagerySettingBrainstorm to identify the literary element that you would like to explore in the story. Choose from character, theme, […]

Drama Essay: Character Analysis

Drama Essay: Character AnalysisDirectionsFor this short essay assignment, you are writing an analysis of one of the characters in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. This character analysis essay should be at least 500 words and three paragraphs in length.Be sure that you have the following: an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, at least […]

The Epic of Gilgamesh

What is important to understand here is that you are going to create a thesis statement based off of your owninterpretation of the material. You need to not overthink this assignment. The professor is expecting to see afocused, refined argument in support of a thesis statement based off your critical/literary analysis of the text. Youcan […]

The lottery story

I uploaded the instruction along with short story. Must cite any sources use, I also upload a sample of the Literature analysis Essay so you can see what the professor is looking for. There is Rubric page showing what the professor looking for when grading. PLEASE TO CHECK ALL THE DOCUMENTS I UPLOADED. Thank you.

MODULE 5- Literature Analysis-course Project For this project assignment, you will submit your Liter

MODULE 5- Literature Analysis-course ProjectFor this project assignment, you will submit your Literary Analysis paper on the assigned novel (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Timer by Haddon, Mark 2003) selected for the course, which should focus on three or more elements of fiction to show how this novel is an example of […]

Write Module 4 _Compare and Contrast Feminist Perspectives

Module 4 _Compare and Contrast Feminist PerspectivesFor this assignment, you will write a 2-page compare and contrast paper on two of the authors from this week’s reading or video. Be sure to give equal weight to each author. You may include some background information on your authors, especially if their backgrounds impacted their subject matter. […]

Module 3 Course Project – Thesis and Annotated Bibliography

Module 3 Course Project – Thesis and Annotated BibliographyFor this assignment, you will submit your thesis and annotated bibliography for your Course Project on the assigned novel for your Module 03 written assignment. Please use an APA formatted template with a Rasmussen College cover. See the Course Guide for assistance if you are unfamiliar with […]

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