You will propose a Decision Support System as a solution to a problem. You will develop a basic and useful Decision Support System prototype application using a commercially available vendor product (free trial), or open source software and write a comprehensive paper documenting it. It is advisable that you start working on the project as […]

convert PPT to paper–1000 words paper required

need it in 12 hrs……. 1000 words paper required……………ppt attached, please convert it to paper using the below mentioned instruction (must rewrite ppt to pass through plagiarism)    Scenario: You are sole proprietor presenting to a group of investors where you are seeking 20 million dollars to raise capital for your manufacturing company. Prepare 1000 […]

Assignment #5 – (Course: Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planning)

Course: Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planning Due Date – 3 days Course Project Assignment – Information Security Response “At this stage of the course, you are fully aware that information security plays a critical role in the business continuity plan. Describe with examples, the various layers of security that are critical to your security plan […]


1 Q)   Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing After reviewing the assigned reading materials, complete the following activities: 1.  Develop a product service idea. A. Describe the product/service including the benefits of using the product/service B. Discuss the potential customers for this product/service 2.  Based on the nature of the product/service, recommend at least 3 possible ways to […]

Week 12 Inquiry

  Answer the two inquiries below. (the inquiries can also be found on pages 140-141)  8. In the 1950s and 1960s, Navajo Indians and  others worked in the uranium mines in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and  Colorado.  The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the Public Health  Service (PHS) allegedly knew that such work was hazardous. […]

Case study

  Generally, there are eight sections in a case study. Use this as a guideline to write your case study. Synopsis/Executive Summary •  Outline the purpose of the case study. •  Describe the field of research — this is usually an overview of the company. •  Outline the issues and findings of the case study […]

ENG 1100 MOD 4 Summary

   Summary Essay: This assignment includes two parts: reading an article, writing a summary. See Chapter 18 in Evergreen for more information on writing a summary. 1. Essay description and details: For this essay, you will write to your audience using a formal tone about the article assigned. Be careful not to add your opinions […]


In Part 2 of the Global Education Workshop, you will finalize the components of the workshop so that you are able to create a workshop design document/research paper that structures the sequence of activities and content of your module. Select any lesson planning tool that works for you or create a special format for this […]

Research Paper: Information Techonology

Write a research paper that explains how Information Technology (IT) promotes getting people who are affected by policies involved in the policy-making process. Cite specific examples.  Remember that this paper, including the list of sources, must be in APA format, and MUST cite references in the body of the paper using APA in-text citation format. […]


 This week’s required multimedia “Women in Greek Theatre” tells us that drama in ancient Greece was written by men, played by men, and performed for men. Although we see strong female characters in the plays, in reality, women lived in subjugation with their key roles being wife and mother. According to scholars of women’s legal […]

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