Adaptations in General Education Classrooms for Students With Severe Disabilities: Access, Progress

The purpose of this assignment is to summarize an article related to the assessment of students with moderate to severe disabilities only. As you read the article, think about the following questions. These questions are not intended to lead your discussion, but may assist in your constructing an appropriate review. A. Introduction1. What is the […]

Leadership Project

Please see attached Leadership is best learned and developed through practice. This assignment asks you to put Adaptive Leadership theory(-ies) into practice in an actual applied setting. Each of us has the opportunity to perform in leadership roles on a regular basis. We have the opportunity to foster action among coworkers, team members, subordinates, relatives, […]

Standardized Test Description

Guidelines for Standardized Test Description AssignmentSED 607The purpose of this assignment is to add to your knowledge about standardized test that are commonly used with students with intellectual disabilities and moderate to severe disabilities.DIRECTIONS:After review of a list of instruments used to assess students with moderate to severe disabilities provided by the instructor, you will […]

The Alignment of Alternate Assessment Content with Academic and Functional Curricula

Journal Article Critique Guidelines** Articles must have a publish date within the last 5 years. Articles must come from a peer-reviewed educational journal. Your summary must be in paragraph format, 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced. You MUST use headings below to organize your writing. Include an APA reference of your chosen article at […]

Engagement and motivation are integral components of student success.

Engagement and motivation are integral components of student success. Educators draw from motivational principles, theories, and research to explain the effect these have on student engagement, motivation, and learning in the classroom.Outline how student motivation can enhance performance with specific examples of theories and principles that promote motivation.Specify how intrinsic and extrinsic motivations differ, including […]


reflection on what principles from Piaget and Vygotsky you would like to incorporate into your own teaching practice. Describe the educational implications for classroom practice.

Why do you believe you have the potential to excel in college, technical, or vocational school? (Mus

Junior in High School with ADHD. I would like to pursue a degree in EducationI have learned different study skill strategies to deal with ADHD. I am more attentive, focused and task oriented. I have great time management skills. I love learning and have a very dedicated to helping others.

Technology use in special education or with students having special needs

Theme: Technology use in special education or with students having special needs must be the theme of the paper. However, any topic within the realm of special education technology is acceptable as long as it relates to persons with special needs or giftedness (i.e. Universal Design for Learning, use of electronic text for students with […]

The Potentials of Using Mobile Technology in Teaching Individuals with Learning Disabilities: A Revi

Article Reviews (25pts each): Read and summarize articles that address the use of technology with students that have exceptionalities (Those with disabilities, with gifts, or both). These articles may come from a variety of sources, but must address the use of technology with students that have exceptionalities. The reading assignment will be graded on the […]

Examining Technological

Article Quality Requirement: (See “Activity Schedule” for due dates for article reviews). Please add the designated web link to each article as well.) Please adhere to the article review requirements listed below for all other article submissions. Because of the fast pace of technology changes in education, for credit, technology articles must be peer reviewed […]

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