Interprofessional Education

This is a position paper based on my knowledge of field/discipline (dentistry). I do not have teaching experience. I am in favor of interprofessional education in order to better prepare health professionals for future collaborative practice. Ruberic and “The future of health professions education: Emergining trends in the United States” article is attached. The author […]

Adaptive Learning Technologies – Where are we heading towards?

essay on selecting a learning technology (see below), evaluate its potential for a telecom operator and how it addresses diversity. Use citations and references to justify your conclusions. The essay should include• a brief description of the learning technology (adaptive/personalized learning systems based on artificial intelligence as consequential evolution from of smart/intelligent tutoring systems)• a […]


Ethical Decision-MakingName: Course: Date: Instructor: For questions 2-6, choose from the “Decision-Making Cases” document in the topic study materials. Use critical thinking as well as support from the topic study materials to answer the following prompts. Why do Christians believe that morality is absolute and objective, rather than relative and subjective? If morality is objective, where do Christians get their […]

literacy family blog for birth-3rd grade

Course CodeClass CodeAssignment TitleTotal PointsECE-540ECE-540-O500Family Blog Post90.0CriteriaPercentageNo Submission (0.00%)Insufficient (69.00%)Approaching (74.00%)Acceptable (87.00%)Target (100.00%)CommentsPoints EarnedCriteria100.0%Literacy Development20.0%Not addressed.Inaccurately describes the literacy development for children birth through grade three as well as for second language learners.Minimally describes the literacy development for children birth through grade three as well as for second language learners.Clearly describes the literacy development for […]


Provide a brief outline (at least 2 paragraphs) of a plan for marketing yourself and networking both online and off-line. Include how you might emphasize desired skillsets in your efforts.Outline a strategy for marketing yourself both online and off-line. Include plans for networking.

Psychological Foundation of Education

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) Gen. Luna St. Intramuros, Manila Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education Course Code and Title:Foundation of Education Title:Psychological Foundation Professor:Dr. Ofelia D. Lazarte Date:March 8, 2008 Teaching and learning are complex processes that bring people together. While teaching consist of behaviors are practiced […]

Education in Our Lives

Education “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed for a lifetime. ” This adage is completely true in its meaning and substance. It means that if you educate a person, you are showing him the way to the future. You are giving the […]

Reaction About The National Sports and Physical Education Association Standards

The National Sports and Physical Education Association (NASPE) came up with the 3rd edition of the National Guidelines and Standards for the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) which provides programs with guidance on the 2008 Initial and Advanced national physical education teacher training standards. Below are the INITIAL PETE Standards and reaction or view about […]

The Education And Development In Uae Education Essay

After the constitution of the federation in United Arab Emirates, the Starting of the quality instruction has begun. In UAE till the university degree public instruction is free for male and females of United Arab Emirates. Education system of UAE comprises of in-between schools, primary schools and high schools. In United Arab Emirates ( UAE […]

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