cast of Wright’s production of Hamlet.

You have been asked to join the cast of Wright’s production of Hamlet. The director and casting agents are so in awe of your skills at reading, interpreting, and conveying Shakespeare, that you have been cast in the lead role of Hamlet–without even auditioning!In order to prepare the script and cast other roles, the director […]

Novel: Native Son by Richard Wright

Choose ONE of the following prompts and compose a 3-5 page literary analysis of Richard Wright’s NATIVE SON. You were provided several examples of SCHOLARLY sources, any of which you may use to support your thesis. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO LOOK AT THE THESIS EXAMPLES YOU WERE PROVIDED IN YOUR FILES AND PREVIOUS MODULES. You […]

Discussion Question

Read the following from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013:Pamela Colloff’s “The Innocent Man”Michael Wolff’s “A Life Worth Ending”Robert W. Worth “Did You Think about the Six People You Executed?”Initial Response: Module Four introduces six literary nonfiction elements. Actively read the essays by Colloff, Wolff, and Worth. For each essay, answer the following questions:What do […]

How does the use of the “unlikely hero” archetype help prove a main theme in the story? I know why

For this assignment, you will compose a literary analysis essay that proves that I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is actually a variation of the traditional quest and hero. You will compose a 3-paragraph literary analysis essay(including a thesis statement and concluding sentence) responding to the following prompt: How does the use of the […]

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