Business Studies

Silicon Valley is the center of the venture capital world. Given that, every business student in the Valley should know something about it. Use our class discussions and information from the websites below to answer the questions below. You should submit your homework as a Word or PDF file. Make sure you spell and grammar […]

Business Studies

1. Hypo AYou are a lawyer. You spend all of your working time working for a law firm. All of your work is for law firm clients. You must work at least 40 hours a week but you can work from anywhere during the hours of your choosing. You are paid an annual salary on […]

Business Studies

A valuable tool to resolve small valued disputes is through small claims court. Your assignment will be to prepare a small claims court complaint (SC 100) to be filed in Santa Clara County based on the fact pattern described on the next page. The links below include a PDF that you can complete on your […]

International Human Resource Management Exploration

To complete this assignment, read The Place of International Human Resource Management in International Business Download The Place of International Human Resource Management in International Business by Welch and Björkman (2014). (Citation: Welch, D., & Björkman, I. (2014). The place of international human resource management in international business. Management International Review, 55(3), 303-322. doi:10.1007/s11575-014-0226-3)The article […]

Business models and unique resources and capabilities

Instructions are in the attached paper.The main book of the module is “Angwin, D. N., Johnson, G., Whittington, R., Regner, P. and Scholes, K. (2017), Exploring strategy (11th Edition)”

Resource Planning Systems

There have been more than a few newsworthy failures to succeed relating to the implementation of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) that resulted in lawsuits between companies and contracted solution providers. Large-scale roll-outs of ERP systems are notoriously difficult to pull off seamlessly and are fraught with cost overruns. Inadequate training, employee groups’ buy-in or […]

The problem that Tesla Inc is currently dealing with

Instruction: In this section, you are asked to identify the problems that the organization is currently dealing with. You should clearly articulate the problem, give appropriate context about why it is important. Question: The the problem that you identify should stem from an open system perspective (e.g. things going on outside Tesla.Inc).

Ethic paper about libor scandal by Barclays

The most important asset you have is your reputation. Your ideas are important but if the market, your business partners, investors, vendors and employees can’t trust you, you will fail. Often when companies fail because of ethical scandals, a lot of innocent people lose money. Some lose their retirement savings, large charities lose millions of […]

Excel regression Macros

1) Use the stock price data workbook for the assignment2) Find the Y variable which is the daily returns as given in the guidelines. The date is not the Y variable3) Find daily return(Y variable) for one market using macro by recording it to eventually find out the daily returns of every stock market particularly. […]

workforce planning Task 1

REM1 — REM1 TASK 1: WORKFORCE PLANNING: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONWORKFORCE PLANNING: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION — C234PRFA — REM1TASK OVERVIEWSUBMISSIONSEVALUATION REPORTCOMPETENCIES3039.1.1 : Workforce PlanningThe graduate manages the recruitment process.3039.1.3 : RecruitmentThe graduate develops a plan for recruiting employees.3039.1.4 : SelectionThe graduate develops a strategy for selecting and hiring employees.INTRODUCTIONIn today’s hypercompetitive business environment, an organization’s sustainable […]

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