Case Study 1 – Boundaries

Case Study Format

  1. Brief opening paragraph in which you state that you will be examining a

particular cae (mention it) for the sake of getting a better understanding of a

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Case Study 1 – Boundaries
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certain issue (mention it).

  1. Introduce the issue of controversy. Try to present it in the manner which best

allows the reader to appreciate the controversy as reasonable on both sides.

  1. Bring an author or two into the discussion of the issue. Briefly discuss the major

Views. (can also do this at a later time in the Case study, as seems most fitting).

4. Introduce case in all details relevant to the direction of your

inquiry (know your direction before writing). Make sure to reference your factual

sources. If they come from personal experience or personal interviews, document


5. Background: any details of the outside world that impact on the

case, historically, locally, regionally, nationally, or

internationally; including law, custom, or accident.

  1. Discuss briefly the issues present in this case other than the one you’re focusing


7. Reframe the issue in the context of this case to best highlight the

moral dilemma involved.

8. Identify alternative solutions for the dilemma – 2 or 3 – and

briefly discuss.

9. Deliberate over alternatives and make a reasoned choice.

9a. If the case is from the past, briefly compare your solution to

the one actually chosen.

10. Assess what the general lesson is, especially in terms of how this

problem can be avoided in the future.

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