Case Questions

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Case Questions
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Carefully read the case and consider its context in relation to supplier contract design and relationship management readings and concepts learned in this unit. The case includes situational information, which should be used to perform the required analysis and make the appropriate recommendations. You do not need to address the questions stated inside the case itself. You are, however, required to address all of the questions provided here. Note that there is an additional reading required for analyzing this case.

Case Questions

Which supplier performance measurement technique(s) do you recommend for Bose? Justify.

According to the case “In one case, a supplier sent a rejected shipment back to Bose without explanation and with no corrective action taken. When no significant improvement occurred, another supplier replaced the delinquent supplier.” What elements in the contract with that supplier had possibly allowed Bose do this? What are your thoughts on such elements?

What are the implications of JIT II strategy pursued by Bose on the contract terms with that supplier?

What are the implications of JIT II strategy by Bose on its supplier management plan?

Note: Please include Introduction, Reccomendation, action plan and conclusion.

The report should be of 8-10 pages and also include atleast 2 academic references.

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