Case B, ethics

please do case B and make sure that the final work isn’t repeated and the same as anybody’s. The instructions are available in the file I’ve uploaded. Case B – Ethics (12.5%)You are a senior manager in the accounting department of a software development company. You have been promoted throughout your 10 years at the company based on your ethical approach to financial reporting and timely completion of your work.Following recent senior management changes, a new Chief Financial Officer has joined the company. They have an aggressive view of financial reporting – make the numbers work for the company.Develop a document that answers the following: • What affect can an aggressive approach to financial reporting have on your key stakeholders? • Evaluate the benefits and consequences of this new, aggressive approach.• What would you do if you are not comfortable adopting this aggressive treatment of reporting? What options would you consider?• Do you consider this new approach to be ethical? State your reasoning for your answer to this question.• How would deal with staff who share with you their concerns about this new reporting approach?

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Case B, ethics
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