Case 1: Workplace Harassment

Sandeep works at a thrift store as a cashier and customer service representative. Her job
duties include greeting customers and assisting them in locating products, arranging products on
shelves, monitoring inventory, and handling payments. Sandeep has a work email address that
she is expected to check regularly to answer queries from managers and coworkers and to get
work related news.
Sandeep is feeling that one of her coworkers, Mike, is emailing her too much and
distracting her during her shifts, and she thinks he took pictures of her a couple of times without
asking for permission. Mike usually emails her to ask about work related issues and when he
interacts with her he also strictly talks about work related issues. However, Sandeep feels that
Mike is using work related issues as a pretext to harass her. The continuous emails and very
frequent interactions make her very uncomfortable.
Sandeep approached her manager and complained about Mike¶s behaviour. Her manager
Monica is considering whether Mike should be investigated or not.
a) If Monica chooses not to conduct an investigation, what legal risks would she be
running into ?
b) Suppose Monica decides to conduct an investigation.
i. Write down four suggestions for Monica that would help her conduct a legal
investigation. Your suggestions could be about any aspect of the investigation
(how Mike should be interviewed, who should be informed that Mike is being
investigated, what questions should be asked). For each suggestion, explain
your rationale for giving the suggestion.
ii. If Monica decides to investigate the emails that have been exchanged between
Sandeep and Mike, what legal risks would she be running into ? Give one
suggestion that can help Monica avoid legal liabilities when investigating the
The length of your answer to this case should be between 400 and 700 words.
The word limit refers to all your answers combined, if your answer to part (a) is 400 words and
your answer to part (b) is 400 words then you will have exceeded the word limit because your
combined answers will be 800 words. Part (a) and Part (b) combined should be between 400 and
700 words.
MADS 6639 Summer 2020
Case 2: Unauthorized Access to Medical Data
Edilson works as a medical office assistant at a local clinic. He is in charge of creating
aQd XSdaWLQg SaWLeQWV¶ fLOeV. The PedLcaO cOLQLc NeeSV bRWh SaSeU cRSLeV aQd eOecWURQLc cRSLeV Rf
Whe SaWLeQWV¶ fLOeV. The eOecWURQLc cRSLeV aUe hRVWed RQ aQ RQOLQe database that Edilson can access
anytime/anywhere by logging in with his credentials. The daWa WhaW gReV LQWR a SaWLeQW¶V fLOe
include Whe fROORZLQg: SaWLeQW¶V QaPe, SaWLeQW¶V ShRQe QXPbeU, SaWLeQW¶V ePaLO addUeVV, SaWLeQW¶V
addUeVV, aQd SaWLeQW¶V PedLcaO hLVWRU.
Last weekend, the IT technician has noticed an usual activity on the clinic¶s online
database. The unusual activity originated from an IP address that matches the IP address of
When the IT technician checked with Edilson whether he accessed the database over the
weekend, Edilson denied. The IT technician suspected that someone may have gained remote
acceVV WR EdLOVRQ¶V OaSWRS aQd cRQQecWed WR Whe daWabaVe.
Your task is to describe the digital forensics SURceVV WhaW VhRXOd be fROORZed RQ EdLOVRQ¶V
laptop to checN ZheWheU EdLOVRQ¶V OaSWRS ZaV UePRWeO\ acceVVed aQd ZheWheU WheUe LV aQ\ SaWLeQW
You can assume that Edilson has given his consent to the investigation of his laptop.
If you are more comfortable with the Windows operating system, you can assume that the file
If you are more comfortable with the Mac operation system, you can assume that the file system
on Edilson¶s computer is HFS or APFS.
The length of your answer to this case should be between 500 and 800 words.

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