Casa de Paz

Casa de Paz is an ambitious project with several dimensions to it. There is a shelter that provides six-month housing for families, along with professional services to support a process of healing and transformation. There is a support group for women that serves residents and nonresidents alike. The early meetings for Casa de Paz include seeking volunteers to serve on the board and the three main working groups. Then a facilitated meeting is being held to determine the minimal viable product (MVP) to build. This is an open and operating facility. Some of the features that are needed include a director, staff, a building, remodeling the building, funding, a website, programming, and volunteers. Organizational responsibilities also must be defined. An important question is: What can Casa de Paz do quickly without waiting for other things to happen? What are some of the things they need to do concurrently? How many projects can each of the groups (the board and the three working groups) realistically begin right away? Armed with the answers to these questions, each of the probable projects should have an elevator pitch: What is included and why is it important? Then the most critical few projects can be selected, resourced, and chartered. An example of an elevator pitch is: There is a need to acquire a building and there is competition for both buildings under consideration. One building is more attractive than the other as the cost is considerably less although the number of families served would be less. Another elevator pitch is the need for website development: A fledgling website exists, but there are so many communications, fundraising, volunteer soliciting, and other possible uses of the website that early development is attractive. This elevator pitch could answer the following questions: Why is enhancing the website so important? How can the website help us do other work we desire to perform? Where are we now? What do we want? Using the information above, and giving your input where needed, create a Project Charter for Casa de Paz

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Casa de Paz
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