Career Journey

Being able to provide a variety of resources to your future clients comes from the ability to understand your place among other healthcare professionals and ability to network with your peers and other professionals in the field. As part of this activity, you are asked to establish a connection with your local MFT chapter or the State chapter of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. To complete this assignment, please visit at least one meeting of the chosen chapter and write a 3-4 pages paper addressing the following:How easy was it to find and to establish a contact with the local/State chapter?What was your first impression of the board and the discussion during the meetings?What questions were you able to clarify after talking to members of the board?Would you consider becoming a member of the board in the future? (Please provide the reasoning behind your answer).If you are unable to get in touch with your local or State chapter representatives or visit a meeting, please complete the alternative assignment described below.Please contact at least 3 mental health professionals in your field. At least two mental health professionals on that list have to hold LMFT credentials. In your conversation with these professionals please address diverse opportunities in the field for a beginning MFT. You can also invite your interviewees to share their experiences of their beginning steps in the MFT career. After finishing the conversation, please write 3-4 pages paper with an account of obtained information from the discussion. Reflect what career opportunities are available in the field and what are your expectations and apprehensions about your beginning stages of your career journey.


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