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Institutional Affiliation:


ournalists are to face the world courageously and inform them on things that matter, and in a

way, they will understand and make use of this information. This needs fearless and bold

journalists who will pave the way and face the storms and hostility interviews bring. As much

as they use different techniques to get information, sometimes these tricks are of no use and

rarely help. Suppose you had to talk to al-Qaeda’s leader, Osama bin Laden. Standard

questions and tactics will not be useful. This area needs insight and investigative skills to

know what to ask and what to say that will get information pouring in.

This mentoring program will be used to influence those who want to join journalism or who

have had an interest in journalism as a career. It will help serve as a frame and guide to the

top-most priorities in this industry, develop the mentees skills in journalistic areas to ensure

success and to have a dependable workforce. It will also be a tool to plan and guide the

quality and required standards of achievement in investigative journalism to shape and mould

the right workforce. Mentor, Robert Fisk, is an international figure to reckon with especially

in the journalism world. He is the world’s known fearless and courageous journalist who not

only interviewed Osama bin Laden but did it three times. This Middle-East correspondent for

The Independent, has extensively covered the Persian war for 13 years since 1990. He is

known to contact and interview some of the most inaccessible people, and he will talk to us

on how to do it.

The mentoring program will have leaders involved to oversee work delegated and the

program activities conducted till the end. They will also make sure the program is both

created and implemented, the sessions are challenging and interactive, they will evaluate the

program’s progress, provide the needed support of both mentors and mentees in making sure

the program ends successfully.

The mentor will work with the mentee and help them understand how the field requires skills

and intuition, what is needed to succeed and survive in such an environment, ensure that the

mentees work on required tasks and complete them. Mentees will be needed to meet with ….

the mentor, give recommendation and suggestions for program improvement and participate

in the activities.

By the end of the program, it is expected that the results will include those as renewed

interest in the field of journalism, a greater understanding to the barriers and limitation

experienced, enhanced skills in not only journalism but in listening, counselling and

coaching. There will also be development in the profession to higher levels, a compliment on

journalism as an area of study and also benefit and advance in career opportunities.

For a smooth program, the mentor and mentee will have to provide documents to evaluate

and continuously correct the program. The application process will require both the mentor

and mentee to apply. A confidentiality agreement will be needed to come up with boundaries

required. The action plan which determines the successfulness of the program will also be

required. As a way of getting through to our intended mentor, an email will be the primary

medium used that will connect the institution to Robert Fisk. Below is the expected email:

From: Anne Other (

Date: 12/12/2018, at 12:00 pm

Subject: Bobby – Robert Fisk Introduction Request

To: Bobby Fish (

Cc: Dean Jean (

Hi Bobby,

I have been researching on investigative journalism, and the effects this little known about

the subject has had on our students and what it translates to when they go to the field. I have a

team of students who would like to gather information on the tips and tricks concerning this

section in journalism. I couldn’t help but notice you could be of help given that you have

worked with and for Robert Fisk for some time now.

I thought if you could be our intermediary and introduce our institution and see if he is

willing to spend time and mentor us on this topic if applicable.

I would love to hear from you soon, regarding the topic. Please let me know if you have any

additional concerns or information.

Kind regards,


The program should be over in three months where the trainees will be able to carefully

analyse and know what leads to follow and how to develop it into a better story and how the

interview process should start and end successfully. The mentor will be better able to answer

some of the mentee’s questions and concerns.

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