Capstone Proposal – Stage 1:

Capstone Proposal – Stage 1: 

Can Military Leadership Effectively Communicates and Train Diverse & Multi-Generational Groups in the Army.

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Capstone Proposal – Stage 1:
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·         Sections to include for this stage:

            Purpose statement for the research should be comprised of several comprehensiveparagraphs and address the following:

                        What do you intend for the research to discover?  Note that we are not looking for research to ‘prove’ anything, but rather, research will generate knowledge. 

                        What may be learn from your research?

                        How will the research study go about generating this knowledge?  Though surveys?  Interviews?  A review of data?

                        Include the words: The purpose of this research is…….

            Outline for literature review

            Research questions (2 or 3 research questions that will guide the study)

                        You should present a minimum of two or three research questions within a one page maximum discussion that you intend to answer by the proposed research.  Research questions must be aligned with the problem and purpose                                   statement.             A detailed, descriptive methodology…

                        Research Method Employed

.                       Within this section, you will need to discuss and present within 3-5 pages how you will conduct the research.  In other words, address the following:

                        What research methodology will you use?

                                    Qualitative; Quantitative; or Mixed-Methods – Be specific when describing your methodology.

                        What specific kind of Qualitative and/or Quantitative data will you collect?

                        What is your study population and sampling procedure?

                        What is your research instrument, meaning how will you collect the data?  Surveys?  Questionnaires?  Interviews?  Observations?  Review of already available data / publications?  Are you using an existing research instrument or                                  are you developing one?  If you are using an existing instrument – discuss how it  is applicable to your research.  If you are developing a research instrument – discuss the sources you used to develop the instrument as well as how it is                                          applicable to your research.

                        If you are using a survey / questionnaire / interview, what will be the questions? How will the survey be distributed? Include questions in the appendix.

                        Where will you collect the data?  How much data do you believe is necessary, and how much data do you anticipate collecting?

                        Discuss in detail the kinds of data, and methods of data collection, for each of the research questions.  For example, if you are seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of HR policies, you might arrange to speak with several HR directors in order to review      their policies as they may choose to disclose them to you as well as the policies themselves.  Keep in mind that potential participants are very busy people (as we all are) so you will want to keep your request of them brief, to-the-point, and  representative of only what is necessary to complete your research.

 Include all citations on the Reference List

·         Adhere to the requirements for the proposal – such as double space, Running head, page numbers, etc.Hide 


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