C++ Sorting

 Using Visual studio and c++

you will pick 10 stocks from this list: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/%5EDJI/components?p=%5EDJI
create a program that takes the stock’s symbol, company name, last price, change, and volume as input from a file. How the file is formatted and inputed is up to you and you can put underscores between words in the companies name instead of using spaces. Store these values in either

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C++ Sorting
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.  A 2 dimensional array or vector of strings (may require converting strings to floats using: stof(stringVariable,nullptr); )
.  5 individual arrays or vectors of their correct types
.  You may create a class or struct with the proper members for the data for each company, then create an array or vector of the class or struct type.

After input, it will display the information on the terminal. Users will have the option of sorting the information by any of the five categories of information. Depending on which category the data is being sorted by, you will sort using a different sorting algorithm.
The user will also be able to change the stock price.. When this option is selected,

the user should input the stock symbol.
The array will be searched using a binary search
If the symbol is found, all the information for that company will be displayed, else an error message will be displayed.
The user will be able to enter a new price for the stock.
This value will be updated in the array.

When the user exits, all data will be written back to the file.


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