By referring RHP BURGER KING DOC & Mazagon dock.

1. Explain IPO registration process of the burger king and Mazagon?

2. Explain the risk factors of Burger king and Mazagon? (Foreign exchange risk, country risk, interest rate risk, balance sheet risk, liquidity risk, technology risk, operational risk).

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By referring RHP BURGER KING DOC & Mazagon dock.
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3. Cash flow Statement (risk in the cash flow statements, whether the operating cash flow is positive or negative, whether the company has the capacity to earn in future).

4. Whether the companies (Mazagon and burger king) ratio and profits are showing growth in the profits?

5. Is the stock price is increasing or decreasing? Whether the index showing growth? Is that the indicator of the growth of the economy? Is there any other factors influencing the growth of the economy? Is the mortgage loan is a reason for the growth of the economy.


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