Business research method, BSG 410

Research Report (40% score) [CLO’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5]

Business research method, BSG 410

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Business research method, BSG 410
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  • This is an extended version of the assignment, which was a proposal, here, the topic must be relevant to the broader areas mentioned in the CLO’s in the syllabus. This will be a short term paper (at least conference version).
  • Each member of the group will assess their team members’ contributions to the project. 
  • Individuals can receive deductions if their team members indicate a lack of contribution. Peer evaluation instructions will be provided to you toward the end of the semester. 
  • Apply the course knowledge you learned in class to your project. This will help you develop a strong research project report, and will give you a higher grade.

Title of the Project

Group Members’ Names and student numbers:

Marking Criteria: (Rubrics)

  • Overall Goal: Do you provide evidence of an in-depth understanding of the project by students.
  • Title Page: Need to be uncluttered, aesthetically attractive and appear professional.
  • Introduction and Justification of research question. Does it adequately summarize your research effort?

(30% Score)

  • Literature review: Do you review the literature that is useful in understanding. Do you review additional literature such as articles, papers etc.? Is the literature that you reviewed relevant and credible? For example, originating in high quality academic journals and/or highly reputable research institutions? (30% Score)
  • Research Method: Do you generate rich data? Do you provide sufficient details of the method? (10% Score)
  • Findings: Are your findings credible and relevant given the goals of your research? Are your findings in depth?? (10% Score)
  • Written expression: Is it clear, concise, direct, non-flowery? (5% Score)
  • Are your ideas logically structured? (5% Score)
  • Do you appropriately support ideas, facts, opinions and figures throughout the report with credible references?
  • Is your reference list well formatted? (10% Score)
  • Is your report neatly laid out? Do you include a well presented table of contents? Do you use sufficient and subheadings? Few typographical errors? Is it professional in appearance? (10% Score)


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