Business Ethics

Business Ethics (Instruction)

Question 1

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Business Ethics
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Question 1 (50 marks)

John Bellocchio would gladly give you his kidney, but only at the right price. He sued the Justice Department in federal court earlier this month (April 2021) demanding the right to sell his own organs. The practice has been banned in the country (America) for decades. But Bellocchio’s suit challenges a 37-year-old federal statute for “infringing on his freedom to contract and for interfering with his say in what he does with his personal property.” (Source: Nobile, T. (April 26, 2021), New Jersey News. Should you have the right to sell your organs? A Bergen man challenges a longtime U.S. ban.)
In a free market system, where the economic law of supply and demand reigns free, what are some normative arguments supporting the government’s position in banning the organ trade.

Requirements: Critically defend the counter perspective of John Bellocchio with relevant theories regarding his right to sell his organs. Defend your moral judgement on this moral issue whether it is ethically permissible engage in organ trade as a business venture and critique the opposing view.

1st Paragraph: Arguments supporting the government’s position on the ban (450 words)

2nd Paragraph: Normative arguments supporting Bellocchio’s view (450 words)

  • Utilitarianism (Normative theory) – E.g. Consider all cost and benefit, benefit more than costs
  • Libertarianism (Normative theory) – E.g. a person have the freedom/liberty to do what I want with my own property

3rd Paragraph: Moral Judgement (300 words)

Moral judgement is that this practice is unethical

The structure of a moral judgement involves the application of 1 or 2 strong normative theories to support your position. You do this by:

  1. Explain the normative theory first.
    • Prima Facie Duty (Normative theory) – E.g. duty of Nonmaleficence
    • Virtue ethics (Normative theory) – E.g. a virtuous person would want to show compassion and empthy for people, will not treat them as “products”
  2. Apply the normative theory into the moral issue. (case)
  3. Come to the correct conclusion.

4th Paragraph: Critique of the Opposing View (300 words)

Reasons to Reject this opposing view (Normative Theory)

Why did you reject the view that it is ethical?


  1. The weakness of Utilitarianism (Normative theory) – E.g. Consider all cost and benefit, benefit more than costs
  2. The weakness of Libertarianism (Normative theory) – E.g. it means a person have the freedom/liberty to do what I want with my own property
  3. The weaknesses of the other arguments used to support the opposing view


  1. 1500 words
  2. APA 7 Refrencing Style (With DOI)
  3. 5 Citations from research within EBSCOhost database inside the Sunway Campus Library.
    Please use this link to find reference:
    DON’T USE ANY JOURNALS OUTSIDE OF THIS LINK,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=all

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