Business Ethics 1500 words 

Business Ethics (Instruction)

Question 1

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Business Ethics 1500 words 
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Total: 1500 words

Question 2 (50 marks)

Malindo Air has launched a retrenchment exercise ranging from termination to a year’s unpaid leave for 2,647 employees, the Human Resources Ministry said on Wednesday, as the Coronavirus pandemic batters the aviation industry. Reeling from a slump in demand in the wake of travel curbs, the Malaysian arm of Indonesia’s Lion Air had already ordered a 50% pay cut and unpaid leave for staff in March.

“The ministry… has conducted discussions with Malindo Air’s management on Nov. 3 to ensure the rights of the affected workers are protected and appropriate assistance is given,” said Human Resources Minister M. Saravanan. Malindo Air did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Airline firms worldwide are struggling to keep afloat after governments grounded flights and ordered travel curbs to battle the virus. National carrier Malaysia Airlines and flagship budget carrier Air Asia Group and its long-haul arm Air Asia X Berhad have also announced job cuts. (Source: The Star, 4 November 2020, Malindo Air Retrenchment to Affect 2,600 Employees).

Requirements:  Critically evaluate whether it is morally permissible for the retrenchment exercise of Malindo Air. Student should critique the opposing view and offer three practical recommendations to Malindo Air to improve their practices of retrenchment.   

1st Paragraph: Student’s moral judgement on Malindo Air’s downsizing, supported by normative theory (600 words)

Moral judgement is that this practice is ethical

The structure of a moral judgement involves the application of 1 or 2 strong normative theories to support your position. You do this by:

  1. Explain the normative theory first.
    – Utilitarianism (Normative theory) – E.g. To max good to most in the long run
    – Prima Facie Duty (Normative theory)
    E.g. Acting on most incumbent duty is doing the right thing,
    Fiduciary duty to shareholder is most incumbent in the context of survival
  2. Apply the normative theory into the moral issue.
    • Apply the normative theory in Malindo Air
  3. Come to the correct conclusion.

2nd Paragraph: Critique of the Opposing View (450 words)

Reasons to Reject this opposing view

Why did you reject the view that it is unethical?


  1. The weakness of Kantian Ethics (Normative Theory)
  2. The weakness of Virtue Ethics (Normative Theory)
  3. The weaknesses of the other arguments used to support the opposing view

3rd Paragraph Three Practical Recommendations (450 words)

Since my moral judgement is that it is unethical, here are three ways how they can improve their practices to ensure what it is doing can be considered as ethical:

Must be aligned with your position





  1. 1500 words
  2. APA 7 Refrencing Style (With DOI)
  3. 5 Citations from research within EBSCOhost database inside the Sunway Campus Library.
    Please use this link to find reference:
    DON’T USE ANY JOURNALS OUTSIDE OF THIS LINK,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=all

User ID: 17042870, PIN: 1234

Then Press SELECT ALL and Continue

  1. Turnitin Below 10%

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