Business discussion?

A) Please read the IMV case and discuss the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between the founders, the scientists, and Chase, a professional manager, in managing IMV?
  2. What structural change did Chase implement?  What was the original structure and what structure did he change it to? (Please apply what you learn from the class to answer the question) 
  1. IMV Case Report

1. What were the two most important new strategies made by IMV under the new CEO?  Please make sure you discuss strategic changes not structural changes for this question.

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Business discussion?
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2. Do those two strategies in your answer for Q1 make sense? Why? Please apply the appropriate analysis tool(s) we discussed during the semester (No points will be given for SWOT analysis) to explain. 

3.  Should you apply the Balanced Scorecard to evaluate the new CEO’s performance? Why?

  1. McDonalds’ has been in the news regarding wages and benefits in the past few years. The issues are that millennials prefer food products that are healthier; customers complain about long wait ties in the drive thru; competitors offer custom made burgers. In response McDonald’s has reduced the size of its menu to reduce preparation time. They also introduced kiosks where customers can build their own burger but have to wait longer. McDonald’s has also worked to reduce turnover rates. They have worked to move the average age of employees up to mid-high20’s. They announced wage increases and more paid time off. Given this information and what you can learn from news reports about Mc Donald’s how do you think their strategy and wage benefit decisions support each other or conflict with each other? What would be your recommendations to McDonald’s regarding benefits?

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