Business Communication, Lehman+Dufrene.

NOTE: The “Grammar & Usage Appendix” at the back of your textbook may be helpful!

Modifiers (pronouns, adverbs, phrases, and clauses) are often put in the wrong place in a sentence, creating confusion for the reader. You might not even be aware you’re misplacing modifiers, so these exercises will help you recognize the problem and practice writing stronger messages. Correct and simplify these misplaced-modifier sentences. (Each question is worth 5 points.)

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Business Communication, Lehman+Dufrene.
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1. Tom excitedly placed the new sunglasses on his nose, which had just come in from Amazon.

2. The employee, angry at having to work a double shift, snapped at his coworker.

3. To function properly, you must prepare the copier before loading the paper.

4. When a new employee, my boss ensured I received proper training before assigning me tasks.

5. Planned store improvements include widening the aisles, improved lighting, and lower shelves for a sophisticated feel.

6. Customers were admitted into the venue who had purchased advance tickets.

7. She served sandwiches to the children on paper plates.

8. He nearly drove the company car for six hours a day.

9. Three offices were reported robbed by the Atlanta police last week.

10. Mitch was delighted when the boss said no more traveling, tired of all the nights in hotels.













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