Business and Academic Writing

Words – 1500 to 1800

Suggested topics:(Choose one Topic)

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Business and Academic Writing
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a) Harassment, sexual discrimination, ageism, or racism at work (descriptions of situations, definitions of terms

and problems, and ways to deal with and prevent occurrences);

b) Shrinkage in retail outlets (definitions, examples, systems to track it, ways to prevent it)

c) Motivating employees in challenging workplaces (ways to handle potential downsizing, closures, firings, unfair

promotions, negative attitudes, and depression/discouragement in workers)

d) Supporting mental health of employees during COVID-19 (anxiety, depression, working relationships)

e) Community violence as it impacts workplace (for example, employees being attacked en route to places of


f) Secrets of the best customer service (is this a lost cause? Have businesses forgotten the need for courtesy?)

g) Marketing and catering to millennials (recruitment or clientele)

h) Overcoming conflict/differences/problems with colleagues or management

i) Company initiatives for sustainability in the workplace (food waste/composting, community

engagement/energy saving).



1. Proposal title page

2. Introduction – with background or description of situation and problem question or statement; briefly review

what you imagine to be a potential reader’s situation, establish a need for action (rationale), and explain

how things could be better.

3. Scope – what will be the boundaries of the research, what you will and will not do. Explain how your report

will be structured/organized.

4. Possible Solutions – Discuss with some evidence the potential benefits of the key solution(s) for your

audience or reader. *These possible solutions are based on research.

5. Work and timeline – explain the steps you’ll take, the time frame (when the work will begin and how it will

be broken into stages, and when it will be completed) once your proposal has been approved.

6. Costs – projected/as appropriate.

7. Conclusion – that summarizes the key points in the report, reviews the benefits of the project for readers,

and ends with a call to action.

8. Summary/Statement of qualifications – your own experience and/or your organization’s experience and

facilities to do this work. Review argument, benefits for reader, why solution will be effective. Ask for

decision from the reader.

9. Visuals – charts, graphs, etc. used throughout the proposal,

10. List of references (minimum six sources combined) of research to date and research planned.


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