BSG Leadership

Leadership Skills BSG 304CLO: 1,2
Total Marks: 100
Individual Assignment no.2

Instructions:Students are invited to prepare their individual contribution in the form of an essay about the differences of decision making, job satisfaction and leadership roles comparing public and private sector.

In their essay student should:

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BSG Leadership
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  • Explain differences of leadership roles in public and private sector best-fitting leadership styles suitable for public and private sector
  • How leaders make decision in public and private sector (Rational model vs bounded rationality and intuition) in terms of employee promotion
  • Identify major challenges for job satisfaction in public and private sector
  • What are the most suitable reward systems in public and private sector from the point of view of:
    • Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
    • Herzberg Theory and hygiene and motivation factors
    • Extrinsic motivation and Intrinsic motivation factors
  • Give opinion how Performance Bell Curve can be applied as a tool for employee recognition in public and private sector
  • Explain how to implement leadership pipeline in public and private sector avoiding Peter principle
  • Analyze the possibility to implement Sample Nine-Block Framework as a tool for promotion in public and private sector
  • Propose suitable reward system, promotion strategies and job redesign techniques for public and private sector

This assignment will address the following course learning objectives:

CLO-1: Demonstrate an understanding of the traditional concepts and theories of Leadership.

CLO-2: Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of change, motivation, power, and team dynamics for effective leadership.

In preparation of this essay, you should stick with regular expectations:

– The essay should be consisted of 1.000 words (minimal)

– Distribute your text evenly between the margins (align your text from both sides)

– You must use your own words and expand your answers always applying class materials and terminology. Link existing literature with practice.

– The level of written English should be satisfactory (grammar, syntax)

– Be very careful to avoid potential plagiarism since this is not acceptable. For this expectation you are invited to follow commonly accepted citation & reference models and formats. Maximum similarity allowed is 20% using Safe Assign.

– In grading this assignment, the following weighting criteria will be used:

  • Organization of paper
  • Level of Content
  • Critical thinking
  • Grammar & Mechanics
  • Format & Style


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