Briefly describe the core ideas of the Behavioral Theories

1. Briefly describe the core ideas of the Behavioral Theories (e.g., Michigan and Ohio State) and give examples of how you use people-oriented and task-oriented behaviors in your work roles.  Do you find yourself using both types on a regular basis, or do you rely on one type more heavily–explain why (does it have anything to do with your followers and situations)?

2. Using Figure 7.2 on p. 253, briefly describe in your owns words when you have used the five (Impoverished, Country Club, Middle-of-the-Road, Authority-Compliance, and Team) leadership/management styles in your workplace and explain why they were appropriate for the particular situations you describe.

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Briefly describe the core ideas of the Behavioral Theories
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3.  Describe examples of times when you used each of the five French and Raven power bases to get things accomplished and explain why those power bases were the most appropriate to drawn upon in those situations.

1.5-2 pages per question double spaced 12 font

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