Body Language Critical Essay

Body Language essay by Danielius Orlovas from International Business School International Business English Group 2012 Today we live in a fast-paced world. It is a world of action, where body language is way more important than what we say. There is a good saying that actions are louder than words, which is proof for scientific research that humans express what they want to say by 7% for Words and 93% for body posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye movements. That is Body language and it can help you in relationships, in business, and it is crucial to our daily life.
We practice non-verbal communication every day, when we interact with someone else. If observed carefully, we can see that it is the best tool for finding out who the person is and what he thinks at the moment. You can get information from watching their posture, hearing their tone of voice and breathing, or even skin color which may tell us what is going on in persons mind. The body, the face, and the voice, that is where all the secrets are hidden. When you can read body language, every moment you spend with others you can make it valuable, and in business you can make it profitable.
It is very important in these days, to study non-verbal communication, because it may help us to grow in our understanding of this world. For example, some politics use body language to hide lies, and manipulate people. A politicians body language can easily give him away, especially when hes under pressure. Anxiety can be read from body, if the hands are trying to be hidden, or if the words don’t match with the movements. Celebrities like politicians are always in a media spotlight.

They can slide through any situation, doesn’t matter however embarrassing, using certain body language movements. Some celebrities or politicians even pay for a coach, to learn all secrets of non-verbal communication. Everyone’s body language is different. If you want to go big in the world, then to learn it is vital. Noticing the signals that other people send to us with their body language is a very useful skill to have. Some of us are natural in it, some of us need to sit, read and learn about it, but the truth is that we shouldn’t judge people only by their body language.


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