Biological Molecules

Font: 12ptTimes New Roman or CalibriPage Breaks are inserted where necessary. Bullets for lists are used where appropriate along with numbered lists. Formatting is correct with font, size, page breaks, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc.Date, Lab section, professor 3/3 are includedUse key words to indicate the topic. Title is indicative of the topic. Thorough and precise.PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THIS!! NameAbstract describes the whole experiment in general. Between 100-300 words. Should be italicized. Abstract is formatted correctly and contains the relevant information to describe the experiment and data.What is the problem being studied? Why was the experiment performed? What is known about the problem? Objectives of experiment stated clearly along with the hypothesis. All information is present and pertinent to the experiment. hHypothesis, and objectives are all present and clearly stated.List everything used for the experiment. Flour, iodine, hydrochloric acid, etc. Make sure this is a bulleted list. Has all materials used listed and bulleted as directed.This needs to be so detailed I could do this experiment with just your lab report. Numbered lists are important here. You can also include pictures. What did you do? How did you do it? Procedure is detailed and thorough with numbered steps. I could follow this easily step by step.This should be in the form of graphs and tables as appropriate. Any tables and graphs should be labeled as well as a written narrative to explain the graphs/tables. You can include pictures. Data is succinctly summarized and explained with the help of graphs and/or tables. The graphs/tables are properly labeled.This is where you include your interpretation of what the results mean. Unexpected or unusual results can be explained.Clearly state if the hypothesis is rejected or accepted. Include how you could perform the experiment better next time. Student interpretations are included. Clearly stated whether hypothesis was rejected or accepted and why. Includes how the experiment could be performed better the next time.

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Biological Molecules
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