Based on the provided scenario outlined below, you are required to prepare

Based on the provided scenario outlined below, you are required to prepare:A Memorandum An Excel Spreadsheet using formulas/functions and an ExcelChart A PowerPoint PresentationScenario:You have been employed as the IT Director for the ABC Company. The company has 15 employees and it has not upgraded its computer system in ten years. Project:The President of the Company has asked you to replace the computers in every department. The researched information must be presented in this format:A memo to the president stating the need to replace the computers. An Excel spreadsheet comparing three different computers that you have researched. Create a spreadsheet listing the three computers, computer specifications, and cost. Show the cost benefit of each computer. Which one would be the better deal? You must use a formula or function in this worksheet. Create a chart comparing the costs and features of the three selected computers. You can decide on the most appropriate chart to display your data. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will be presented to the president and the board for approval to purchase the computers. In the presentation, make your recommendation as to which computer you feel would work best for the company.There are 4 deliverables for this project:Word processed Memorandum. Excel Spreadsheet using formulas or functions and an Excel Chart comparing the costs and features of the selected computers. PowerPoint Presentation with at least 6 slides. The presentation should consist of a title slide, agenda, your charts and graphs, and a concluding slide.Important Information:You can embed your chart in a worksheet or create it in a separate chart sheet. With object embedding, the chart may be sized and it enables you to create a compound document with data from several applications. Whereas with linking, your chart is in a separate file. You may want to review object linking and embedding in Chapter 3 of your textbook.To copy a chart to a PowerPoint Presentation:Select the embedded chart or the chart sheet with a single chart. A chart sheet is easier to copy to a PowerPoint Presentation. Copy the chart and paste in the desired place in PowerPoint.Hint: Paste OptionsClick Paste Options next to the chart. To paste the chart with a link to source data, click Chart. To paste the chart and to include access to the entire workbook, click Excel Chart. To paste the charts as a static picture, click Paste as Picture. To paste the chart in the original format, click Keep Source Formatting. To paste the chart and format using the theme that is applied to the presentation, click use Destination Theme.

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Based on the provided scenario outlined below, you are required to prepare
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