LIT331/332 Brief Writing Assignments Overview and Standards

You will be required to submit a brief writing assignment each week during Seminars One through Five. The writing topic will be provided during that seminar.

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Note that you should be taking notes as the seminar progresses so that by the end you’ve got a rather clear path toward the writing assignment.

Basic standards:

  • APA formatting (title page, double-spaced, citations).
  • Thesis statement should reflect the writing prompt.
  • Organize these as basic essays—set up your point in an introduction paragraph, give three supporting points that rely on the readings for examples, and conclude with a clear summation of your larger argument/response to the question.
  • Supporting details are required from the readings. Note that since these are relatively short assignments, you don’t want to waste a lot of time summarizing the texts—assume your audience has read them and get to the point quickly. Quotations should be used as support, rather than content.
  • The final length should be approximately 1 ½ – 2 pages (350-500 words).
  • Standard English is required.
  • No first person.

LIT331/332 Brief 032310


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