Assignment Questions

Assignment 3: Part Two: Chapter Assignment Questions : Like a Take Home Exam Due By 10PM on the final oxam date: To be determined but between Dec 10-18 2021 Value: 20% of Final grade Questions 1-8 1. Why was Canada so slow becoming fully independent from Britain? Discuss the Road to Sovereignty. 2. Read all of the Rule of Law material. Where was this principle found in 1867? Where is it found now? Provide a detailed discussion of this principle and its components and its importance to a fair society. What happens when it is subverted? Give some examples. 3. Discuss what you have learned about the BNA Act 1867 (Constitution Act 1867), including what is in it and what is not. What unwritten doctrines does the preamble of the BNA Act bring to Canada? How is the POGG clause used? Discuss the division of powers in s. 91 and s. 92, and the two court interpretations we discussed about the division of powers and our Constitution and the result of these decisions? What are the challenges for federalism? _Discuss Constitutional patriatioo outlined in these notes and other materials Ind in particular the film “Road to Patriation”. Make sure you discuss all significant issues and political and legal challenges and how agreement was reached on the content of the constitutional Act 1982 5. Explain the difference between challenging actions of someone under the government’s authority under the Charter and bringing a challenge to the law itself. What remedies can someone get in the first example under $ 24(1) or (2)? When a law breaches the Charter, explain how the test from the R v Oakes case is used to interprets 1 of the Charter to see if the breach is reasonable. What happens if it is not? 6. How do you think the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has changed Canada? Was Pierre Trudeau’s vision of a Charter for Canada one you support? Why or why not? 7. With the contents of the Msscb Lake and Charlottetown Accords in mind, after their failure, how do you sce Canadians moving forward to agree on a common future. What in your opinion are the most pressing issues facing Canada (not including Covid 19)? they work. What works well, and what problems bave arisen? They want you to evaluate if our system results in a stable progressive nation and advise them how they should proceed in building their country.

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Assignment Questions
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