Assignment Question

ou are required to research the following assignment question and write a response in essay format of 1500 words. Information for the essay should be only sourced from at least SEVEN (7) peer-reviewed journal articles (2009 onward), plus your text book (i.e. a minimum of 8 references in total). You must choose scholarly journal articles and include in-text and end-text referencing in APA 6th edition style.

Assignment Question

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Assignment Question
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Companies need to be good at managing sources of innovation and build creative work environments. Discuss why innovation is important for companies. Then identify and discuss FOUR (4) components of a creative work environment. Also, discuss why it may be difficult for some companies to implement each one of these components.




1500 words.

Font type Arial, Calibri or Times new Roman. Font size 12 point.

Unit learning outcomes:

Apply knowledge and key management concepts and principles using contemporary examples.

Discuss the impact of changes in management theory on approaches to managing.

Communicate management concepts and principles persuasively and creatively in written and/or oral formats.

Course learning outcomes

Apply broad and coherent knowledge to a range of business situations, incorporating international/global/cultural perspectives.

Access, analyse and critically evaluate relevant information to solve challenging business problems systematically.

Communicate business knowledge, concepts and advice persuasively and clearly in both written and oral formats, using relevant technology.

Generate creative ideas for business innovations that respond to opportunities and constant change.

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