Assignment 2: Research Paper Part 1 – The Foundation


The Scavenger Hunt

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Assignment 2: Research Paper Part 1 – The Foundation
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The Scavenger Hunt

Due to the increase in the rate of inflation, the cost of college has doubled which makes accommodation unaffordable. However, the most appropriate method of lowering college cost is through the management of expenses incurred on a daily basis. This article highlights the factors that influence the decision whether to attend college at home and live with parents or go to an overseas college and live on the campus. Accommodation in college is not only about cost, but also convenience is another crucial issue in this decision. Living with parents is the most efficient way to reducing and managing college cost since there will be fewer expenses incurred. Daily expenditure will involve transportation costs to and fro the college and lunch. It will enable one to reduce spending on food, accommodation fee, food and cost of living away from home. Living in campus hostel will also be relatively cheap. It is very convenient since there is no transport cost as one can commute to and from classes much quickly. It is advantageous in managing the student’s schedules regarding course work. The student will have ready and easy access to social amenities in the campus such as campus hotel and shops which are usually at reduced prices (Cutright, 2010).

The next article analyzes the differences and advantages between living in campus hostels as compared to off campus. In most cases, colleges and universities are located in cities and town centers. It makes it difficult for students from rural areas to commute or attend college while living with their parents. Therefore, the only option available is either living in campus hostels or leaving the college. Students attending colleges in the traditional four-year system are presented with the opportunity to live away from home as they enter into adulthood. It will allow them to learn issues relating to responsibilities and manage their resources efficiently (Kuchar, 2017).  It enables them to become responsible adults’ in future after college as they get jobs and become responsible citizens.

Living on campus makes life easy as it guarantees ready access to all forms of amenities such as Wi-Fi, library which is crucial in pursuit of academic goals. It also makes the trip to classes shorter which is advantageous for early classes. The student will also concentrate on class work as they don’t have to worry about issues such as rent. However, living in the campus limits the student on matters of privacy making it very inconvenient. On the other hand, living off campus will allow the student all the privacy required making it more comfortable. Students can interact and network with non-students since their neighbors are working class individuals. It allows students to become responsible as they are independent adults. The drawbacks of living off campus are the expenses associated with commuting to and from college (Marquit. 2017). Independence in adulthood leads to increase in responsibilities that make it difficult to concentrate on course work.

According to this article, it argues the point of accommodation in college based on limited hostel and living space in universities. It makes it difficult for all college students to live on the campus thus raises the issue of whether to live with the parent and commute daily or to live off campus. First-year students are given priority over seniors thus the need for developing the appropriate plan that will determine the best action of either living at home or venture into an out of Town College. College costs have become very expensive making them unaffordable to low and middle-income earners. It is the reason why students opt to live with nearby family members in an attempt to manage college costs.

However, living in college makes students miss significant college experience. Colleges are the link between teenage to adulthood and the experiences incurred in universities regarding survival, and social interaction will be crucial in after college. Thy will aid in networking and become responsible citizens in the society. Those students who live off campus find it hard to concentrate on their coursework and usually perform poorly as they spend most of their time commuting and rarely do they find suitable study buddies. Before making the decision to either live at home or reside in the campus, it is important to contemplate of college experiences, tally the costs involved in both communities and to reside on campus (Snider, 2017).It will enable the student to make an informed decision.

This article argues the issue of college accommodation concerning what is relevant to the student combined with the financial aspect of the decision. According to University statistics, students who reside in campus hostels continue with their studies and finish up to the rate of more than ninety percent while those who reside at home and commute daily have a seventy continuity rate. It shows that accommodation decision is the most significant choice a student has to make to achieve college success based on the circumstances. However, the needs of the students are the deciding factors. In most cases, financial constraints result in wrong decisions that cost the student dearly. There are a lot of available living options and students together with their parents needs to consider them critically. Factors such as conveniences, financial costs, and needs of the students (My College Options – Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus, 2017). 


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