Assignment 2: Final Project—Internet Usage Guidelines


Developing Organization Guidelines for Ethics and IT Rationale

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Assignment 2: Final Project—Internet Usage Guidelines
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Ethics and Information Technology


Purpose statement and project scope 3

Guideline for the prevention of computer abuse and network usage. 3

Guideline for accessing content from the internet and prevention of viruses and other forms of malware. 4

Guideline for the usage of licensed software and shareware as well as prevention of software privacy. 5

Guidelines relating to privacy in the workplace, workplace monitoring, and professional responsibility. 6

References 6

Purpose statement and project scope

Ajax Digital Information is an organization that has given its 25 employees some privileges of using the internet for internal and external communication, access to e-mail services, and internet research. It has been noted that employees are abusing their privilege by accessing or researching other information that is not related to the company. In this project, I will develop some guidelines and strategies that will be implemented in order to address this situation appropriately.Guideline for the prevention of computer abuse and network usage.

Computers within the organization are supposed to be used for the benefit of the company. When an employee is using it for personal benefit, he or she will be abusing the computer. In other words, computers should only serve the intended purpose. Common computer abuse involves copying and distributing copyrighted software, films and music. Employees have been downloading music, television shows, watching YouTube videos and computer games using the company’s computers as well as network (Stocker et al., 2020). This abuse has rocketed network usage in the company, thus making the company go at a huge loss. Some of the guidelines that I have developed that will minimize computer abuse is that employees should not use the company’s computers to access personal websites such as Facebook and other platforms. Any person that accesses such platforms should be terminated from the company. Secondly, employees should not clear the cache. In this case, an audit has to be conducted in order to determine the websites that have been visited. This will make employees fear visiting personal websites. On the other hand, network restriction can be used to reduce access network usage. Some of the guidelines include identifying bandwidth hogs. Network performance management (NPM) will be able to determine device that uses the most bandwidth. If one user monopolizes the bandwidth, Network performance management will be able to detect it and alert the network operator team. Also, employees should not connect personal devices to the company’s network.Guideline for accessing content from the internet and prevention of viruses and other forms of malware.

Internet is full of information but employees should only access information that is relevant to the company and that can be used to enhance the company’s production. This can be assured by restricting the search engines; that is, Google Chrome and Firefox. This will restrict employees to search for information that is not related to the organization. Computer virus is one of the major problems that many organizations have been facing. Therefore, in order to prevent viruses, computers should always be updated. All operating software on computers should be updated regularly in order to enhance features and also include security patches that will seal loopholes that can be used by hackers to access the information contained in the system (Gonçalves et al., 2020). Secondly, employees should not use internet explorers. Currently, we are living in an exciting time whereby there are many search engines such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox that are much safe than internet explorers. Using these explores will minimize the chances of a computer being infected with viruses.

Thirdly, anti-virus software should be installed on all computers. Those are software that are used to detect viruses in a computer and also determine whether applications that have been downloaded have viruses or not. Some antivirus that can be used includes Bitdefender, Norton, and McAfee. Lastly, internet users should always avoid using suspicious websites. Currently, there are trillions of web pages, and we spend most of our time browsing the internet, shopping, researching as well as communicating and it involves visiting websites. The internet user must be able to determine suspicious web pages that can infect the computer.Guideline for the usage of licensed software and shareware as well as prevention of software privacy.

In most cases, licensed software is legit, and therefore the company should always use such software because there are no chances of them being affected by viruses or any other form of malware. Also, the company should first try shareware on general information; that is, information that doesn’t require much protection, before using it for confidential information. On the other hand, some of the measures that can be used to protect software are by installing strong firewalls, such as a strong password. A strong password denies access to an unauthorized person (Huang & Bin, 2017). Secondly, passwords should be changed regularly because are people who might have mastered to password. In order to avoid such instances, the company should develop security applications that will offer biometric access. This is the best form of securing software in a system.Guidelines relating to privacy in the workplace, workplace monitoring, and professional responsibility.

Privacy is one of the fundamental things in every organization or company. In order to ensure privacy in the company, every computer must be accessed by an authorized person and every program or information should be stored in secured files or cloud. Information should be stored in clouds such as Google Drive and blockchain. Professionals within the organization must stick in their profession, for instance, network performance managers must always ensure that there are no devices connected to the company’s network to avoid excess network usage.References

Huang, F., & Bin, L. I. U. (2017). Software defect prevention based on human error theories. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics30(3), 1054-1070.

Gonçalves, J. N., Rodrigues, H. S., & Monteiro, M. T. T. (2020). Preventing computer virus prevalence using epidemiological modeling and optimal control.

Stocker, V., Smaragdakis, G., & Lehr, W. (2020). The state of network neutrality regulation. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review50(1), 45-59.

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