Assessing SC Performance

Consider a generic transportation company, such as FedEx or UPS. Write an essay answering the following questions: 1. What performance metrics should be applied to the company’s operations?2. What sort of tracking technology could be used to capture the data supporting the calculation of those metrics?3. What other technology, if any, should be employed? Explain.As usual, you should display your detailed knowledge of the information contained in the Background Information, as well as in any other sources you may find on the Web. Provide a closely reasoned argument, well supported by references and in-text citations.Assignment Expectations• Write a well-constructed essay. Feel free to use tables and bulleted lists, if appropriate.• The readings may not provide specific answers. If not, you will need to “fill in the gaps,” using your understanding of the material presented in the Module, and the background sources.• Style and format must comply with the Writing Style Guide. (TUI Guide, n.d.) This is not an English course; however, errors in spelling, grammar and style will be penalized.• Provide citations and references. Use of APA style is encouraged, but not required. Please see the TUI Writing Guide, or visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL, 2015).• There is no page requirement. Write what you need to write, neither more nor less.References:Campagna, A. (2009). Logistics performance metrics (University of Rome). Retrieved on 28 Feb 2015 from*Cognizant (2010). Maximizing supply chain performance in the transportation and logistics industry. Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018 from Heitman, T. (2015). Steps to take when choosing a bar-code scanning system. Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018 from–code-scanning-system/ Heyn, S. (2014). Shipment monitoring technology: Picking up the signals. Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018 from Kalathil, A. (2010). Performance management in the transportation and logistics Industry (Cognizant). Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018 from Kumar, S. (2015). Are you measuring the right metrics to optimize logistics processes? (GENPAC). Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018 from Supply Chain Council (2006). SCOR Framework. Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018.TEC-IT (n.d.) TBarCode Office: Microsoft Word barcode add-in. Retrieved on 20 Jun 2018 from

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Assessing SC Performance
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