Assessing and Planning Care for an Elderly Person

There are two parts to this assignment – the psychosocial interview component and the functional assessment.Psychosocial interview component (4 Pages)In 4 pages formatted in APA style, discuss your interview of an older adult, 65 years or older. Use attached questionnaire to record the person’s responses.Include 2–3 questions of your own to get a complete picture of the older adult.Summarize your findings Include the questionnaire with responses in the Appendix of your paper.Functional assessment.Conduct a physical and mental functional assessment of the older adult you have chosen.• Use the tools discussed this week to complete a comprehensive assessment of your patient. Search the Internet for resources on these tools.o Tinetti Balance and Gait Evaluationo Katz Index of Activities of Daily Livingo Assessment of Home Safetyo The Barthel Index Include these tools in the Appendix.• Based on your assessment:o Compare and contrast the age-related changes of the older person you interviewed and assessed o Identify at least 4–6 preliminary issues.o Identify three alterations in health that you would propose and describe them.o Identify a minimum of three comprehensive interventions for each alteration.o Integrate cultural considerations in your interventions.


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