Asian Philosophy

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Reflection paper: Asian Philosophy. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Reflection paper: Asian Philosophy Reflection paper: Asian philosophy The main objective of this paper is to write a reflection paper on Asian philosophy by analyzing Sadhana’s Pada’s book II which is talking about Yoga.

The book is concerned with yoga’s practice. It states that yoga consists of three general practice: tupas, svadhyaya, and isvara pranidhana. Most of the people who practice yoga from western countries do it under the new age perspective (Pg. 132). The author argues that the success in yoga cannot only come about by practice of austerities, but it depends on the amount of effort being put into the practice. In connection to this, austerities can only be yoga if they are practice under some commitments. Therefore, for a person to have a full filling yoga one has to commit himself or herself to Isvara.

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The author says advises people who practice yoga that if they fail to understand the nature than most they will not understand yoga because it will result in suffering. In addition, most people ignore contemporary medicine and considers all traditional medicine to be superior. Therefore, this will lead to failure in yoga (Pg. 139).

Also, yoga practitioners are advised to avoid an egotism so that they can gain an understanding of their own. Panjali states that our current problems are as a result of own actions. In the book, Panjali introduces the idea of seers that he claims that are different from nature and hence pure.

In conclusion, the ancient Indians conceived of seven worlds. three hell regions which are below the earth, and four heavens which are above the earth. Also in order to know what is wrong or right we need to practice yoga that grounds our moral philosophy to that of nature.


Sadhana Pada. Book II.

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