Art Analysis

Formal Analysis Paper Rubric Art 114 – Art History Survey I Writing (10 points) The student commu nicated ideas clearly and avoided significant spelling, punctuation, and other errors. The paper is written in paragraph form. Formality is main tained (no contractions, abbreviations, slang terms, colloquialisms). Observations and depth of analysis (30 points) The student wrote an in -depth analysis of the work of art. The observation s are accurate and demonstrate close observation. The student used vocabular y terms as appropriate and showed a strong understanding of the significance and process of analyzing a work of art in terms of the formal elements. Basic guidelines met (10 points) The student followed the basic guidelines for the assignment (font size, len gth, etc.). The student included an image of the work of art. Total: 50 points Reminder: You must write about a work o f art from the Ackland Art Museum or the NCMA collections and from the appropriate time period. Papers that do not follow these guidelines will be accepted at half credit only (25 points) .

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Art Analysis
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