Aristotle, Aquinas,

1. Thoroughly explain Aristotle’s reasoning about the connections between virtue and pleasure in Nicomachean Ethics, Book X. Be sure to explain what he means by some pleasures being natural, and be sure to explain what is the relationship between natural pleasure, virtue, and eudaemonia. 2. Thoroughly explain the problem of Faith and Reason. Then explain the reasoning of Fideism, Averroeism, and Thomism on this topic. Be sure to illustrate this with examples. 3. Thoroughly explain what Aquinas means by Natural and Sacred Theology. Explain why he thinks that all philosophical knowledge of God is analogical. Then explain why he thinks faith is necessary for our Beattitude. 4. Thoroughly explain why Aquinas thinks that any legitimate philosophical proof of God’s existence must be cosmological. Then select any three of his five ways of demonstrating the existence of God, and in your own words, explain the premises of each. Finally show how the arguments relate to his views on epistemology.Proper citation for both paraphrases and direct quotes must be used. Any essays that are not properly cited will receive a zero grade.Please answer them in sections so that I know what specific answers refer to their questions. citations: OUR TEXTBOOK IS CLASSICS OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY EIGHTH EDITION BY STEVEN M. CAHN cite any other sources you see necessary!

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Aristotle, Aquinas,
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