Are Emails and Text Messages Destroying the Language

Some people say that text messages, twittering and emails are an accepted part of the language we use in our everyday lives. Other say that they are destroying our ability to spell and write properly In a relatively short period of tome high-tech gadgets have become integral part of our lives. Some people say they are an accepted part of our lives, other disagree. In order to have principled opinion, we need to examine both points of view.
Firstly, speed is the number one advantage of these ways of communicating. Wheter you are sending your message to next street or to the other side of the planet it takes only seconds to reach its destination. Secondly, life is much simpler with it. People can save messages they received, sent or just make drafts and allways have insight into them. Finaly, it is cheap or even free.
Instead of buying all those stamps people can send their messages or photos for free which is important in todays crisis. On the other side, it is impersonal. Peole are not talking face to face. Thus, there are many wrong interpretations of what is written or read. Besides, many people lose touch with reality because they spend more time in cyber space than with real people socializing.

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On top of that, research made on Bristol University had shown that people who spend more time on social networks than one reading or doing other activities make forty percent more spelling mistakes while writting. To conclude, twittering and email have many benefits such as quickly delivering important messages or news. However, we have to be careful and think about internet security and what we write about. In my opinion, people should use these ways of communicating but we also have to “dose its use” because life is all about balance.

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Are Emails and Text Messages Destroying the Language
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