Architectural History Theory and Criticism.

Need help with my writing homework on Architectural History Theory and Criticism. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Charles Jencks in his book, What is Postmodernism? Provides his definition of postmodernism. He defines it as a double coding where architects combine modern techniques with something else to make architecture communicate with the public and some minorities concerned (Jencks, 2012, p. 46). In relation to design study, postmodernism presents a culture whose consideration is valuable in the process of producing architectural designs. The art of designing dates back from periods of modernization or the industrial revolution. In architects’ culture, the work of historians is essential to the success of architects’ works.

Historically, the word Modernus according to Charles Jencks, were used by Christians in the 3rd century to show their superiority against the rising pagans. These Christians had a perception that they were cleaner than the pagans whose soul would be immortalized in Rome while theirs will be eternal in heaven. The term from then has undergone various changes in the different field. Post-modern on the other hand was introduced in 1875 and later had a minor description in 1934 from within modernist of Spanish Poetry. In 1947, in “A Study of History” by Arnold Toynbee, the term was used to describe a new history circle perceived to have begun in 1875. It was the formulation of the end of the western dominance, capitalism, decline of individualism and Christianity and rise in powers of non-western cultures. The term post was first used positively by Leslie Friedler, a writer in 1965.

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Postmodernism started in the United States around 1960 to 1970 and later spread to Europe and then to the rest of the world. The rise of postmodernism began as a way filling the gap left by modernism. It began as a way of fulfilling the limitations of modernism. it is predecessor. These limitations extend to communication purposes offered by modernism. Its origin is perceived to come as a result of the failure of the former.

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