Application: Looking Ahead

Running head: INITIAL REFLECTION Mays0

Initial Reflection on Teaching and Learning

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Application: Looking Ahead
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Shawnesty Mays

Walden University

May 14.2017

There are several practices that the instructors use that have encouraged me to take a deep learning approach. They include group discussions, multimedia presentations, and simulations among others. Group discussions allow students to interact with each other that have helped us to tap into our interpersonal intelligence a skill that is important beyond the classroom. Multimedia presentations such as PowerPoint presentation enables those of us who are better at learning visually understand a topic better. Our instructors provide us with choices by allowing us to choose a topic of discussion for our essay writing assignments. For instance, they allow us to choose an organization of our interest for certain assignments then discuss the assignment using this organization. They also provide us with a selection of books and materials to use in our assignments. They allow us to complete research on a topic of their choice within our area of study and report back to the class. By actively engaging us in the learning process using the above practices and many more, I am able to take a deep learning approach.

Most of my instructors use deep learning approaches. However, some surface learning approaches noted include; assessing our assignments for independent facts using short answer questions, emphasizing coverage of a topic at the expense of depth, and having a short assessment cycle.

The online surveys tell me that I can use several methods to enhance learning among my students. For instance, I should engage my students in the learning process as it increases their attention and focus. It also motivates them to engage in higher level of critical thinking as well as promote meaningful learning experiences. A student-centered approach increases opportunities for student engagement that results to achieving of course learning objectives for both the instructor and the students. Teachers should prepare ahead for classroom discussions in order to have a clear focus for the discussion and address important topics from a number of perspectives. They should also design effective evaluation strategies for their students’ and provide meaningful feedback.

My greatest worry is on how to handle students who do not value their education. I belive that students interested in learning are easy to handle since most of them have some focus on the learning process in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. However, those not interested in learning and have just been pushed by their parents to obtain degrees are a difficult lot to handle. I may be willing to help them but as long as they are not interested in the learning process and have no set goals it remains a challenge for me as a teacher who wants to see all her students achieve academic success and obtain careers of their choice.

My desire is to change the lives of as many students as I can and help them lead a better life through their academic success. I desire to use different teaching practices just to ensure that most if not all of my students have a better understanding of the topic of discussion and can apply the skills and knowledge acquired to improve their daily lives. In order to achieve this, I must ensure that I have the skills, experience, and knowledge to enhance the learning process. Additionally, I need to practice patience, perseverance, and hard work. I have to keep doing what I believe will be meaningful to my students to help them attain personal and professional goals.


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