Answer the following three bullet points

  • Reflect on your food footprint- where does most of your food come from? Is it locally grown or imported? How many miles did it travel to get to you? Do you think it contains pesticide residues? Is most of your food prepared/processed or a whole food? Reflect on the impact this might have on the environment and your health. 
  • On average how much food do you think you waste on a daily basis? Based on the videos we watched what and how do you think the food you waste impacts other things? 
  • What are some way you can reduce your food waste? (be specific)

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Identifying Elements of a Crime:

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Answer the following three bullet points
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In order to prove Burglary the following elements must be proven:

1. A person

  1. Must enter or remain
  2. in a dwelling, structure, or conveyance
  3. with intent to commit an offense therein
  4. the premises cannot be open to the public at the time
  5. the defendant cannot be licensed or invited to enter at the time

After July 1, 2001 A person

1. Notwithstanding a licensed or invited entry,

2. Must remain in a dwelling, structure, or conveyance surreptitiously

    a. with intent to commit an offense therein after permission to remain has been withdrawn

    b. or with intent to commit or attempt to commit a forcible felony,

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Q: Smith goes to Johnson’s Bar and gives the bartender a $10 bill by mistake for a $1 bill. The bartender, believing it to be a $1 bill, rings it up. Smith soon discovers his error and mistake in the change given to him. He asks the bartender to correct the mistake. The bartender refuses and an argument ensues, resulting in Smith being forcibly ejected from the bar. Smith summons a deputy sheriff and demands that the bartender be arrested for larceny. Would the charge be correct?

A: The charge would be incorrect. The bartender did not commit larceny. The bartender was given the money and in order for larceny to have been committed the bartender would have had to take the money. Additionally, the bartender did not intend to take anything from Mr. Smith that he did not owe for what he ordered. The bartender received additional money by means of delivery by mistake. “Suppose that property is given to the accused by mistake, and the accused is not aware of the error. The accused later discovers the mistake and decides to keep the property. This is not larceny because the accused was in possession of the property at the time the intent was formed(Chamelin, pg. 146).”


Andy went to the Flea Bag Hotel and approached his good friend John, who was the desk clerk of the hotel, with a plan for a fake robbery of the hotel, with a plan for a fake robbery of the hotel safe. Andy was to come in late one night and point a gun at John, whereupon John would hand over the keys to the safe. On the appointed night, Andy showed up, walked up to John, pointed the gun, and said, “This is a stickup-hand over the keys to the safe.” At the same time, some 10 feet away there stood a hotel guest whose watch was in the safe. John handed over the keys and Andy cleaned out the safe. Was a robbery committed? Why or why not?


Yes, a robbery was committed. In order for a crime to be a robbery it must involve some physical or social force or a threat of force directed at the victims person, family or property. Andy used force against John by holding a gun and demanding that he hand over the keys to the safe. Additionally, the hotel guest did not have knowledge that this was a planned fake robbery. 

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