Angel Case Study

Angel is a 44-year-old separated man who says that his substance dependence and his anxiety disorder both emerged in his early 20’s after joining the army.  He says that he started to drink to “feel better” at the NCO club on base when his episodes of anxiety made it hard for him to interact with his peers.  He states that his anxiety became extreme after his first deployment to Iraq. He worked as a military police officer and was often exposed to hostile fire as his group supported operations. He also states that alcohol and now cocaine were a part of his dishonorable discharge. 

His wife called police after an argument regarding his drinking. He shoved her and police arrested him and charged him with domestic violence (DV). He was required to attend DV classes as well as substance abuse treatment as part of the plea. He further has community service hours (48) and 2 years of probation.  You are conducting the intake assessment into your treatment agency.

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Angel Case Study
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Angel notes that coming off the cocaine and binge drinking contribute to low mood and increased anxiety, but he has not responded well to referrals to adjunct support services, and past inpatient stays have led to only temporary abstinence. He does not have VA connected benefits and his job as a cook offers no insurance coverage.  Yet, Angel is now trying to forge a closer relationship to his adult children, and he says he is especially motivated to get a better handle on both his PTSD and his substance use because he will be a grandfather in January. Angel states he and his wife are currently separated but talk on a daily basis. 

Relapse planning is a tool to help you to create a plan that will help you prepare and prevent relapse from occurring. These plans should remain fluid and be updated as goals are met and resources or situations change. Please use the Angel Case study and the treatment plan you created in week four to complete this Relapse Plan from Angel’s perspective.

Please include 3 evidence-based strategies and 2 references (and the in-text citations) that support how this would be an effective plan.

Goal Identification

What would you like to continue to focus on improving? (i.e., losing weight, saving money to buy a car, finding a better job.)

What encourages you?

What outcomes of the changes motivate you? (i.e., fitting into your clothes, working out in the gym, gaining computer skills)

Difficulties you might encounter…

What difficulties might you encounter? These could be triggers that may challenge you. (i.e., going to the old neighborhood, relational break ups, losing a job)

My coping skills

These are skills and tools used to cope and maintain sobriety (i.e., calling my coach/sponsor, regularly going to meetings, mindfulness playing the tape to the end)

Relapse Prevention Action Steps

These action steps are put in place to prevent relapse from happening. (i.e., building sober support system, giving back to the community through service, attending faith-based community activities, exercising, thinking before acting.)

My self-care plan

Identify how you will grow your life by taking care of your mind, body and spirit. (I.e., acquire new skills, chair a meeting, stretch, attend workshops, gain faith-based or spiritual insight)

Sober people who support me

Who are the sober people who support you, are your cheer leaders and want you to succeed? (i.e., parents, spouse, siblings, sponsor/coach, pastor.)

I will stay accountable by these consequences

If I have a lapse or don’t meet my goal, I must keep myself accountable. (i.e., I will fine myself $10.00 a day, I will volunteer for additional service to my community, 1 hour for every day I was short of my goal.)

I am grateful for

Daily expression of the things in life we are grateful for reminds us of how far we have come and who has helped us along the way.

Angel Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

Client’s Name: Angel

Client’s Address: 35 West Blvd. Apartment c

City: Los Angeles, California 32401

Mental Health Facility: Edelman Westside Mental Health Center

Treating Doctor/Psychiatrist: Doctor Jonathon Copper

Summary of Diagnostic Issues

Angel, 44, feels he got his drug addiction and anxiousness from entering the army in his early 20s. His nervousness drove him start drinking at the base NCO club to “feel better.” Then came his first Iraq tour. Assisting operations frequently put him in danger. His disqualifications included soda and booze.

Her husband was arrested for drunk driving. He pushed her, and cops arrested him (DV). His plea agreement included DV programs and treatment. He’s on 2-year probation and needs to perform 48 hours of treatment.

Her previous inpatient admissions resulted in minimal sobriety. He is unemployed and uninsured as a cook. Afraid about losing touch with his elder children, Angel is now seeking to reconnect. Now separated, Angel and his wife communicate every day.

Problem List

The client has been suffering from an anxiety condition since he was in his early twenties. After his first deployment to Iraq, he stated that the club has helped him to relax and feel more comfortable. As part of his group’s actions, he was subjected to enemy fire. He is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Create a Support System-With a strong support system, Angel may be able to resist his addiction. For the most part, he won’t have to deal with the problem if he can spend most of his time with his family. (Hansen, M. 1996). Support systems are made up of people who get together to provide one another encouragement, respect, and care in the form of words and actions. People that support you are those who are encouraging you on at every stage of your endeavor. Mindfulness is a way for controlling our thoughts by focusing on our inner experience. It’s helping addicts prevent relapse by increasing awareness of craving-related thoughts and feelings.

Participate in Novel and Health Promoting Endeavors-Because Angel’s energy may be depleted because of his addicted behavior, he should choose another activity to which he can commit his time and attention and in which he can focus. (Hansen, M. 1996). Angel can help to create a good picture in his mind to increase the sense of well-being and prevent Alcohol use. When a family comes together, everyone feels secure and connected to one another. It gives us with the comfort of knowing that we have friends by our sides through difficult situations, which aids us in stress management.

A family provides us with a sense of security, protection, acceptance, and love despite our flaws and faults.

Objectives: The Patient will Learn how to avoid relapsing into the addiction again.

Participating in physical exercise may also serve as a coping mechanism to help you continue the road to recovery.

Maintain close contact with wonderful people.

Opening your mind to new possibilities, prioritizing your rehabilitation, dealing with stress in novel ways, and enjoying your life are all examples of good coping abilities.

Possible Interventions: Angel is aware of that he has an issue that must be handled. He is having symptoms and is desperate for them to be alleviated and his condition to be resolved. Therefore, for he to be able to begin avoiding the symptoms of his addiction, he will need to participate in the following Programs. As a result, Angel will gain from the experience. Possessing excellent coping methods, accumulating encouragement, altering his ideas through the development of good habits, and surrounding oneself with positive people are all things that will assist him in being more positive. Counseling is tailored to a person’s individual needs, such as addiction or stress management. The emphasis may be on problem resolution or learning specialized ways to deal with or prevent issues. Counseling is typically frequently less long-term.

   Attending Programs

One on One with the Therapist: In the long run, Angel may benefit from talking to her therapist, who is aware of his circumstances. The assistance and advice of a therapist may help individuals make significant changes in their life in a safe and effective manner, while still maintaining their dignity. Several variables influence the impact of a therapist on your life, including the intensity of your symptoms and the kind of therapy you are getting

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In each session, he will learn new ways to deal with situations that might lead to a relapse. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used by clinical psychologists to treat a wide range of disorders, including anxiety, nervousness, and addictions (CBT). Because it may aid you in identifying and dealing with specific challenges within a short amount of time, it is often the preferred style of psychotherapy in many scenarios. It can be beneficial in a variety of situations. 

Medication: Taking drugs or medication will help the patient avoid a possible decrease in his desire for alcohol with others or other elements that contribute to his addiction. Counseling, medication, and involvement in awareness circles are all options for treating obsessive alcohol abuse.

Continuous Session with his Therapist: He must continue to come and meet with his doctor to report his progress, even if he is participating in certain programs.

Finding a way to keep him going for a long-life Support (Future Case Manager): He has a strong network of support in the shape of family and friends, as well as an environment that is conducive to healing. When a doctor decides to end a session, they will provide an alternative therapy choice for him. With the help, he will better understand the need of attending programs, taking medication, and managing the symptoms that may develop in certain scenarios.

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