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I need some assistance with these assignment. analyze blog Thank you in advance for the help! These two concepts are highly related in their application. people in the course of discharging their duties and responsibilities often use them.

Critical thinking is an important practice that has to be practiced by all people in the social and other dimensions of life including careers. This practice refers to the disciplined procedure of active and skillful conceptualization, application and evaluation of information. The information in reference is collected though various ways that include. observations, reasoning, experience among others.

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analyze blog
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The process of critical thinking comprises of all the examination of structures and elements of thought that is implicit on all ways of reasoning, which include purpose, assumptions, problems and other empirical grounds that lead to certain conclusions (Horvath 2011). Critical thinking is an important process that guides effective and efficient practices in various professions.

In becoming a professional nurse, an individual has to learn how to think and act like a nurse, this is an essential practice that governs the way they make decision in discharging their duties (LeMone & Burke 2011). The difference between the nurse and other medical practitioners lies in the way they view clients, their medical challenges, as well as the actions and practices they engage in caring for the particular patient. Critical thinking in nursing means that nurses learn the main requirements in the profession, concepts and ideas as well as particular theories relating to nursing.

Critical thinking is important in developing the intellectual capacities of people including their skills in making them become disciplined and resourceful persons in their field. In addition, it makes them become self-directed people that can handle various issues and challenges in their life and profession.

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