Analysis of Forces of Fortune

Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of Forces of Fortune: The Rise of the New Muslim Middle-Class by Vali Nasr. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The introduction of the book talks about how the Muslim world had changed from what it used to be. The first chapter of this book, titled ‘The power of Commerce’, majorly focuses on economics and economic activities in the Middle East. This chapter makes it quite clear that economics has the greatest power to transform the Muslim majority. This shows that the economic world surpasses other things including politics, military forces, and even religion (Nasr 5). Despite the fact that Islamic fundamentalism was very problematic, it did not topple any Muslim government after 1980. However, it challenged the Algerian government in the 1990s and threatened to overthrow it. Moreover, Islamic fundamentalism is still a threat to countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan to date (Nasr 10).

Fundamentalism is only practiced by a minority of the people, and this has not seriously influenced other citizens in the Middle East (Nasr 10-11). Nasr notes that the Islamic economy is said to have a growth trend of between 15 to 20 percent yearly. This is because Islamic goods and services are in large demand. However, there are some complications that come about in the Islamic business scene. The main ones are the Western banking system and threats from militia groups. Some of the militia groups that still exist in the Middle East include The Taliban and Al-Qaeda, which threaten business activities in the region (Nasr 10).

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Analysis of Forces of Fortune
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The western banking system was shunned by the people of the Middle East a while back due to complications of its services to the business people themselves (Nasr 15). However, according to the author, most of the business people have been encouraged into appreciating this system, considering the fact that the blending of Islamic finance and the Western banking system will enable the West to connect with the growing middle-class people of the Middle East.

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