Analysis of Financial Situation

OL 501 Milestone Two Worksheet

In this assignment, look at the financial statements of your chosen company and calculate some basic financial ratios to analyze the company’s health and performance.

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Analysis of Financial Situation
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  • Fill in the table below with information from the financial statements provided in your chosen company’s case study. Calculate the % change between the current year and previous year for each item. Remember to correctly identify the currency for your case study.
Most Current Year% Chg (+/–)Previous Year
Current Assets
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Total Debt
Cost of Goods Sold
Net Income/Loss
  • From the information in the table above, identify which line items are increasing with a plus sign and which are decreasing with a minus sign. Evaluate whether the change from the previous year is good or bad for the company’s performance and explain why.
  • Use the information in the table above to calculate the following financial ratios. Explain what the result of each ratio says about your chosen company’s financial health.
    • Current Ratio
  • Debt to Asset Ratio (Debt Ratio)
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Return on Sales (Profit Margin)
  • Summarize your information and identify potential problem areas as reflected in the financials.


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