Among obese adults diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, would those who underwent a weight loss program and cognitive behavioral training be more likely show a reduction in blood pressure after 6 months compared to obese adults with metabolic syndrome that u

Assignment 1: Using the following table—search the 5 databases based on your PICOT Question—under findings note the number of relevant articles found—you may not find something in every database. Under features discuss what you liked about that database. ON the discussion board summarize your search—attach your chart for those that would like to see your search. You may not find what you are looking for in every search—and that is OK—but you must search every database to see what may be out there.Assignment 2:This week you will focus on the development of the Evaluation Table and describe the studies of interest in narrative terms.Once keeper studies have been identified and answers to Rapid Critical Appraisal questions have been accumulated, it’s time to holistically evaluate the acquired evidence. To do so, it is recommended to create evidence synthesis tables to more easily review, at a glance, information from multiple studies. Only essential information should be input into the evidence synthesis tables. What is considered “essential” may vary according to the both the nature of the Rapid Critical Appraisal as well the clinical situation.With a minimum of 5 articles you must review the literature to find appropriate articles to support your evidence-based project. Each article will be going through the critical appraisal process. I will include examples of both tables with the attachments.


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