amiliarize yourself with the reading on an authentic assessment available at:

Instruction Plan for a Single Lesson

Name: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________

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amiliarize yourself with the reading on an authentic assessment available at:
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Grade Level: _____ Subject/Topic______________________________________

Group Size: _____ Individual ______Small Group ( ) ______ Whole Class ( )

Standards: Which Maine Learning Results, Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards or Provincial Standards do these objectives support?

Objectives/Outcomes: What do you want the students to learn? (Observable & Measurable)

The students will: (SWBAT know/do)

Instructional Materials: What instructional materials or technology will you need?

To effectively deliver the lesson, I would need the following reading materials for the children.

Introduction: How do you plan to introduce the lesson and/or motivate the students?

(Attention Getter, Review, and/or Preview) Explain your purpose.

Procedures: How will the lesson develop or proceed? What steps will you follow? Include

questions you will ask and examples you will provide.

Assessment/Check for Understanding: How will you measure if the students have met the

lesson objective?

To identify whether the students have met the required lesson objectives or not, I will prepare for a planning assessment.

Closure/Transition: How will you end the lesson?

Accommodations/Differentiation:What modifications could you make to lesson procedures,

materials, or assessment/check for understanding?

UMPI College of Education Lesson Plan Format Revised 5/19/15

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