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OL 501 Milestone Three Worksheet

In this milestone, discuss what the company needs to do to change direction and what the success will look like. Complete the following:

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American Apparel
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  1. Based on the environmental (SWOT/TOWS) analysis you conducted on your chosen organization, what strategy would you recommend to move the organization in a new direction? The strategy should be a high-level explanation of what issues you uncovered in your analysis and how to improve the organization’s market and financial performance.
  1. Identify the key functional organizations that will be involved in implementing your chosen strategy (marketing, operations, accounting, sales, HR, etc.). What role does each functional organization play in implementing the strategy?
  1. Develop a basic (high-level) plan to improve organizational performance, which should include the goals for profitability based on specifics from your financial and environmental (SWOT/TOWS) analyses, and should explain in detail how the goals are in alignment with the company mission/vision and values.
  1. How does the strategy and performance improvement plan affect the organization’s functional departments (marketing, operations, HR functions, etc.)?
  1. What specific KPIs will you use to effectively measure the success of the strategy? Explain how/why these KPIs align with the identified strategy and with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. You should provide at least one KPI for each objective of the strategy.


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