Alzheimer disease

This page is a sample of what your REQUIRED paper might look like (although your paper will be longer).The first line should be a title. The next line should be your name as shown on this page (above).The body of the paper should be next. All references should appear at the end of the text and before any Appendix material (as shown below). You do not need to footnote. However, all references for this paper should come from online sources.The body of the paper should be 11 point in the font used here (or Times New Roman), double spaced, with normal preset margins as established in Microsoft Word.The topic of your paper will be a disease of your choice. You may not choose cancer or AIDS. Paper is due by: November 25, 2020 (early submissions gratefully accepted)The paper must be at least three (3) pages in length (exclusive of References and Appendix), but no longer than five (5) pages, and include the following information:Definition of diseaseEtiology or etiologic agent – cause or origin of diseasePathogenesis – development of diseaseClinical manifestations – visible signs of diseaseLaboratory findings – if anyTreatment – if anyPrevention – if anyReferences
( Attach a copy of the first page of each online source used in the development of this paper. Three sources, minimum.Appendix –
This area will contain figures, tables, pictures, etc. They should be numbered and referred to in the text by their number (example: Figure 1, Table 1 etc.)

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Alzheimer disease
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