all about Hannah-Kay

this paper is for a 2 minute speech my professor asked me to take notes about one of classmate who is a complete stranger to me, my professor asked for me to take my notes and combine them into a 2 minute speech in which i will be presenting to the class tomorrow 7am. my professor had me ask one important question, and then why?! so the info that I grabbed today is -NAME: Hannah-Kay Clunis-age: 18y-born: in JAmacia STATE, city KINGSTON-came to USA, QUEENS, NY / august 2017 -came here due to most family members living here- attends Kingsborough college- majoe – criminal justice- career : wants to be a lawyer – goal : wants to be the first criminal justice lawyer in her family- father is police officer – enjoys watching her father be cop- work : Hannah-Kay works at Kingsboruogh college doing administrative work. Hobby : danceMusic : reggae favorite food : pizza * I will attach a file for you to look at for structure and organization . you guys are amazing and always help me .. thank you so much

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all about Hannah-Kay
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